Inadvertently Irish Day

Trying to keep to my goals of finding time to relax and do things with the kids during this busy weekend I managed to inadvertently make today “Irish Day” at our house. I wanted to make sure we got a chapter in on our Religious Ed book (we’re a few chapters into “Faith & Life” and it’s been a huge game changer for us) and then I realized I had a post from Oriental Trading about St. Patrick. We won’t be home for the feast day so I got it out and went through its basics (St. Patrick is a patron of…, famous for, and the whole Shamrock thing). Of course, you can’t talk about St. Patrick’s Day without developing an urgent need to listen to Irish music so I called up a playlist on Spotify and the baby immediately went crazy dancing around the kitchen. Henry mentioned he had seen “Irish Tap Dancing” in music class at school and that meant I had to call up some Michael Flatley on Prime for the kids to watch. Sadly, it wasn’t the original “Lord of the Dance”, but it made do even though it’s disappointing to see them up the sexuality, etc. in the show in recent ideations. I need to find a DVD of the original at some point. Not going to lie, I loved and still love that stuff.

I was already making cabbage and sausage for dinner when I realized I had a box of “Irish Soda Bread” in the cabinet from Aldi’s and mixed that up for a full, pseudo-Irish experience.  I was kind of excited to actually get to use my “Irish Soda Bread” dish for the occasion. It was fun and completely unplanned, which is honestly how I like things – I get less stressed if I just focus on having things on hand to fit into our lives instead of trying to fit our life into these things and grand plans.

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