A Quick Trip

This last week we took our first Spring Break road trip. My husband’s brother and sister in law live in Austin and we’ve been eager to get down to visit for a few years. Since flying is a little non-cost-effective right now we decided to make it a road trip and we drove! And when I say “we” I mean I drove, because I like driving and am a little controlling about it.

We loaded the kids up and hit the road at 6 a.m. on the first day and headed down to Kansas City. We had a eventfully uneventful stop for breakfast in which we received a “synonym” roll and then nothing else for about an hour and got back on the road after realizing the cook had only just shown up to the little roadside dinner we had stopped at.

We stretched our legs at a little State Park off the highway and then drove down to Kansas City where we stopped at the world famous “Joe’s” for BBQ, it was delicious and well worth the wait! It totally made up for our grouchiness at having missed breakfast. We then pushed on to Oklahoma City to stop for the night.


right and early the next morning it was back on the road. We pulled off for Turner Falls in Oklahoma, which I wish we had had a bit more time to explore, it was lovely. Then down into Texas! We drove through the Dallas/Forth Worth area twelve years ago and it was heavily under construction and twelve years later I don’t think anything have changed. Then it was a quick stop for a wonderful lunch and a few hours of relaxing with our friends in Waco. More traffic and road construction until we finally got into Austin.


he next morning we had breakfast tacos from a truck down the street and then on to Zilker Park, the Zilker Zephir and dipping our toes in the water – a treat for Iowan’s still waking up to freezing temperatures up north. Then across town to the Lady Bird Johnson Memorial Gardens to see the bluebonnets and other sites. Then further out of town to Family Business Brewery – I guess this place is owned by one of the actors from Supernatural and I was understrict orders from a friend at work to go there. Ben’s a fan of the show so he got a kick out of it. Good brews, a big playground for kids and a Cajun foodtruck. Then we headed back into town to relax a bit. We tried to all go see the Congress Street bats and do a bat boat tour, but Ben and I had issues finding parking in time so it ended up being a special treat for Henry with his Aunt and Uncle. We drove across town and got Tipping Cow Creamery Ice Cream – mine had Dr. Pepper sauce on top.


he next day we drove up to Inner Space Caverns for a tour and then over to Georgetown for Mueller’s BBQ – best brisket and siracha coleslaw. Then it was back on the road for us and we drove back up to Oklahoma City that night and the next day was just powering through home with no fun stops.

We got home to find out that my dad had quite the adventure helping us do some work on our main bathroom (it’s our Christmas/Birthday presents this year that he’s tearing up the old linoleum and 1970’s orange indoor/outdoor carpet and helping us put down tile and spruce things up a little) including a busted sewer line and I think at some point water was coming down through our garage ceiling. But he’s amazing and got it all fixed and laid down upstairs. We just need to put down new baseboard and finally paint away the horrible yellowy white my entire house is painted and it will be a new space (then on to the basement!) I need to pick out a new lighting and thrift a new mirror as well. I’m a big acts of service love language person, so this is how my dad and I communicate on this level – we get a huge kick of finding deals and doing things on the cheap. All our tile he found at our local ReStore for pennies a tile and the new sink he’s putting in the basement is from a hotel nearby doing a major reno.

There were a lot of things that weren’t updated or that we chose not to update when we bought this house to keep it affordable when we were just starting out, but now the place is starting to show it’s wear and age and it’s nice to slowly start fixing it up. I can’t wait for the day when I can tear out the puce carpeting in the bedrooms even if that’s still probably a few years away.

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