The Lord is Testing Me…. explained in GIF’s

I honestly couldn’t tell you what today’s date is, but I do know that Holy Week must be fast approaching.  How do I know this?  Easy….

Ugh, people.  Seriously, do they hibernate then come out for spring?

When I was in the process of becoming Catholic I made my husband promise that I could be Catholic, a good Catholic, without being a jerk.  He assured me that we could, but sometimes – after weeks like these – I wonder.

I run in a pretty awesome group of people, even though we don’t agree on every interpretation or practice, but every now and then I venture out of that little burrow and I’m just like….

People who refuse challenge their minds.  People who are in the running for “Best Pharisee of the Year”.  People who just need some hand clapping truth shouted at them “THIS.IS.WHY.PEOPLE.THINK.THEY’RE.NOT.WELCOMED.HERE”


And guess what?  This isn’t about me sitting here saying “Oh, I’m such a better Catholic than so and so.”  This IS me saying “Hey I’ve got struggles, you’ve got struggles, she’s got struggles and none of it is worse than the other so let’s all ride this craziness together.”  In fact, so many of the ostracized and criticized often do so much better at acting like Christians than the ones doing the pointing and the pearl clutching.

Fear-mongering.  Homophobic bull****.  All types of Prejudice.  Inconsistent expectations.  I’m over it.

I’m over all that crap.  I’m still dedicated to this idea that I can be a good Catholic and not be like all these bad examples…. but ugh, people why do you have to make it such a struggle.

So I guess I need to say that I’m here to not be a jerk.  I’m being imperfect and you can sit at my imperfect table and I think Jesus would sit at our table too.  I’m here if you don’t feel like you have a place or don’t fit in, because after weeks like these and the arguments I’ve diffused and comments I’ve seen – I’m not always sure if I do too.

7 thoughts on “The Lord is Testing Me…. explained in GIF’s

  1. Oooh boy do I feel this. There is a facebook group I joined to be better and grow my faith. But I realized after a particularly moving confession that it was actually hurting me and causing me anger and judgment. It’s hard world and I think you do a great job.


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