Good Things

How about a fun little post about the good things? I picked up Mint Chocolate Granola from Aldi's today and omg, on top of some vanilla yogurt it's like an Oreo blizzard except I can pretend it's a little healthier. I need healthier right now after trying to do a workout from Rosary Workout on Youtube... Continue Reading →

A Reading Challenge

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> This year is my year of books.  According to my Goodreads account, I've finished 40 books so far this year.  I would like to take this moment to thank the creators of Audiobooks and Overdrive, I couldn't have done it without you. Since I've been reading so much I've... Continue Reading →

Corners of Home

Corners of my home today. We're in the middle of some renovations and a major purging session so things are messy and piles up all over the place. We're a light fixture, a mirror and fresh coat of paint away from being done with the upstairs bathroom and making progress with the basement. Bye bye... Continue Reading →


I thought we should take a moment to talk books, I haven't caught up on my reading list in a month or two, but first can we all take a moment of silence to appreciate this book shelf from Bluestockingbookshelf on Instagram? My little collection of 6 of these Penguin editions is looking a little... Continue Reading →

March Madness

March is over!  That month went by really quickly thanks to the holidays and our little spring break trip.  I was looking at my April schedule and enjoying its blankness, but then little by little I started remembering a thing here, another even there and once again - a busy month is at hand. As... Continue Reading →

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