March Madness

March is over!  That month went by really quickly thanks to the holidays and our little spring break trip.  I was looking at my April schedule and enjoying its blankness, but then little by little I started remembering a thing here, another even there and once again – a busy month is at hand.

As I said in my last couple of posts I gave myself permission to just let the cards fall where they might for the Easter holiday and I think that was just what I needed.  I did actually manage to get over to Church for a few minutes of adoration on Thursday, and we spent Friday dying Easter Eggs and even managing to read an Easter book and do a little craft.  I went to Mass at my hospital Easter afternoon after work and while it wasn’t the most moving Mass I’ve ever attended there was definitely something special about being surrounded by the sick, the recovering, the people trying to heal or learn to heal – we even had a new little baby in a stroller.  It was quite the mix in the dozen or so people there.  The room where it’s located is right underneath the LifeFlight helicopter pad and nothing drives home the truth of a weekend about death and resurrection that hearing one of those take off during the consecration.

The kids got their Easter baskets and a little indoor egg hunt when I got home and for the first time, I tried not to worry about what others were doing and just rolled with it.  This year’s baskets were filled with little dollar store toys, a bunch of chocolate and a movie for them to share.  It was nice to relax and just enjoy it.

I turned on Rend Collective’s latest album on Spotify while I made dinner and ignored the rustling of candy wrappers.  While it was playing a song from “The Porter’s Gate” popped up in the shuffle and I was blown away.  It’s on Spotify and I highly recommend both.  Porter’s Gate “Establish the Work of Our Hands” was really uplifting after ruminating more and more about being active in my faith and after just having spent the day serving rather than celebrating.

I didn’t get to see Jesus Christ Superstar, but I’m hoping it might play again or come out on DVD soon enough so I can enjoy it.  Though I must say I was having a good chuckle at all the people who somehow got the impression JCSS was a “family show” and got into a tissy about it being, well, what it is.

Ben and I snuck away Saturday night to watch Ready Player One and I think it should be called Ready For My Refund.  We actually walked out of the theatre only an hour into the movie.  It had deviated so far from the original book it was unbearable to watch.  In fact, I turned to Ben only twenty minutes in and said: “I’m so mad I could leave right now”.  And I sat through the entire Avatar the Last Airbender movie so I consider my tolerance for bad adaptations pretty high.  We had to go get a beer and cheese fries and do a lot of nerdy venting in the car to get it all out of our system.

And so now it’s the Easter season – we still have time to get a fancy clothes picture, and our parishes Easter Egg hunt isn’t until… May.  Yeah.  So I figure I’ve still got time to get through chapters we didn’t cover about the Passion and Resurrection in our RE book and do the other Easter craft I have stashed away.  It’s also nearing the end of the school year so we’ve got a Fun Fair, Music Concerts, Boy Scout Meeting and so much more filling up our free time so it will be an adventure!

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