I thought we should take a moment to talk books, I haven’t caught up on my reading list in a month or two, but first can we all take a moment of silence to appreciate this book shelf from Bluestockingbookshelf on Instagram?

My little collection of 6 of these Penguin editions is looking a little lonely.

March saw me break my crazy reading streak – with the spring break trip and then going almost right into the holidays I just did not get through as much as the previous months. I am up to 33 books so far this year, which is crazy. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the things that triggered my anxiety and depression when I was pregnant with my oldest was being told I wouldn’t be able to finish a book for about five years. It was soul crushing and when my son was born I became determined to prove them wrong. Reading has become one of those self-care things for me – it’s something I need to do to keep my head in the demands of being a working mom. So I hope no one looks at lists like this (I’ve had years where I’ve barely gotten through a book a month) and feels bad – it’s just the thing I do, not a thing all moms have to do.

I had one book that was abandoned in this set, “A Curious Beginning” by Deanna Raybourn. It was just so, so bad. I like a little light, frivolous reading, but this just had nothing redeeming and I let it go after about page 50 or so.

I didn’t tackle anything really heavy this month and almost all of it has revolved around the Lunar Chronicles. I’m almost done with “Winter” (I had to return it with about 1/4 of the book left to listen to and am waiting my turn to get it back to finish), and I read the second volume of “Wires and Nerve” and the “Stars Above” story collection. I really appreciate out fleshed out her characters are in their backstories – while the books are silly in some places, it’s probably the best YA I’ve read in a while.

I finally read “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” which I enjoyed, but I think it was a case of waiting too long and hearing too much hype. I liked it, but I was expecting more so it felt like we only got to know the characters on a very base level. I think I would have preferred if once the girl got to the island the letters would have given way to actual prose so we got a little more meat in the storytelling and experience. Since it was a series of letters it was literally being told “this happened, then this, then this” and I wanted just a little … more. It does make me want to see the movie just for that reason – to experience the story rather than being told it.

I’ve got a bunch of books I’m working on right now in my queue for the next update – including finishing “Winter”, Marissa Meyer’s take on the Queen of Hearts in “Heartless”, “The Glass Town Game” about the Bronte siblings, one of Ratzingers’ Jesus of Nazareth books and I finally got ahold of “Caroline”, the look at the Little House on the Prairie books from the mothers POV.

What’s on your shelf (nightstand, bookbag, passenger seat of your car, etc.)?

4 thoughts on “Shelved

  1. I’m working through Robert Cardinal Sarah’s “The Power Of Silence” one or two pages at a time. So it will take me forever but I like it. I started “The Beautiful Mystery” by Louise Penny tonight. It’s the first of hers I’ve read, and really interesting so far. I’m also just about done with “Church of Small Things” by Melanie Shankle, which is funny and entertaining.


  2. Wait there’s a Potato Peel Literary Society movie? Also, if it makes you feel better, I have one of those cloth bound books, Middlemarch, and if they get wet, all of the gilding/cover art just rubs right off. So maybe not the best for moms who might leave them laying about near children. #askmehowiknow 😭😭😭


  3. I actually listened to the Potato Peel audiobook, which has different readers for the different writers so I really enjoyed that! (But it was also several years ago before hearing much of the hype… so that would probably make a difference). Right now I just finished The Chimes… which was really weird, am almost done Simply Tuesday (enjoying it, but keeps reminding me that I love beautiful language and therefore I should avoid The Message forever and ever, amen.) and about to start The Innocent Anthropologist – which sounds fascinating!


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