Corners of Home

Corners of my home today. We’re in the middle of some renovations and a major purging session so things are messy and piles up all over the place. We’re a light fixture, a mirror and fresh coat of paint away from being done with the upstairs bathroom and making progress with the basement. Bye bye wall to wall 40 year old burnt orange indoor/outdoor carpeting! My dad is doing the work as a year or two of birthday and Christmas gifts rolled together, he’s done so much and it’s so great. This 40 years old, hardly ever updated house has had a few fun surprises.

I’ve been working on purging closests and finding ways to better fit our space and I’m nearly there. I have a few days off at the end of the month and have grand plans for the last of the piles in the mudroom and basement closet.

The plan is to be more “a place for everything and everything in its place” around here. It already feels so much better upstairs.

3 thoughts on “Corners of Home

  1. We are doing the same here. I have found over the years it is best for us to have less space than we need in our home because we are then forced to clean up & clean out on a regular basis. The same goes for closet space. We need to give away something before adding a new item because there isn’t enough space to store things we aren’t using. Thank you for showing us your ‘before’ pics! It’s nice to know even though things get messy we can always start where we are and clean them up.


  2. I absolutely love that you shared the โ€œbeforeโ€. the messy parts and the things we try to hide and struggle with! Living in a world of Facebook and Instagram where everything seems to be polished and perfect I am comforted by your real life photos. Thanks for making my day!


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