A Reading Challenge

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This year is my year of books.  According to my Goodreads account, I’ve finished 40 books so far this year.  I would like to take this moment to thank the creators of Audiobooks and Overdrive, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Since I’ve been reading so much I’ve also been thinking about what I’m reading.  I do read primarily for a bit of an escape and pleasure, so I love my good YA and fantasy and historical romance, but I’ve been trying to push my boundaries too.  One way I’m trying to do this is by being more aware of who is writing the books I’m reading while also trying to expand my understanding of experience I have not, and probably will not (whether to do to time, place, privilege, etc.) experience.

One spot that is becoming more and more important to me is in my religious and spiritual readings.  Now let’s be clear this is not saying that men and women who look like me do not have important messages to share to our Church body – race, ethnicity, culture, gender, etc. does not discount ANYONE.  It’s just that working in ministry has made me more aware that the voices readily available are primarily Caucasian.  Yet a quick Google search shows that the Church in America is at least 40% non-white.  So that got me thinking that if I’m to really experience the Church in writing, the authors I’m reading should mirror that as a good first step.

I not only want to understand their experiences, but I also want to know revelations they bring to the table from those experiences.

Thanks to my friends over at FemCath I’ve got a good start on a booklist here on Goodreads.  Do you have anything I should add?



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