Good Things

How about a fun little post about the good things?

I picked up Mint Chocolate Granola from Aldi’s today and omg, on top of some vanilla yogurt it’s like an Oreo blizzard except I can pretend it’s a little healthier.

I need healthier right now after trying to do a workout from Rosary Workout on Youtube and realizing I’m really, really, really out of shape.  We’re doing a weightloss challenge at work as well and I’d like to at least see a little downward trending by the end in June.

We’re still in the middle of the Great Bathroom Project of ’18, but making steady progress.  Makes me realize that however much I love to look at fixer-uppers on  Cheap Old Houses, I have no desire to actually do renovation work.

This popped up in my feed recently and it actually did get me thinking about my kids summer vacation and all the things I loved about mine growing up.  Now granted we did summer camps and things, just like my school-aged son will do this year, but they were less “STEM Applied Particle Physics Camp” and more like “Hey, y’all let’s do arts and crafts and occasionally go to the pool Camp”.  I’m actually really excited for Henry to be old enough to do day camp this year – he’s doing Boy Scout camp for 4 days, and Vacation Bible School and then 4 weeks off and on of camp through our after-school program.  They have a week field trip, pool days, library days and lots of time to do little projects and just play together.  But it was a good reminder that for the rest of the time it’s okay to let the kids watch movies,  and veg out and have nothing more Pinterest worthy than a bottle of bubble solution and a Slip n’ Slide.

My kids love this music video.

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