I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed

So the Met Gala?  You might have heard of it!  It’s been all the rage in all the Catholic groups in I’m and let me tell you I don’t think there’s been more internet debate since the White Dress/Blue Dress debacle.

As many of you know, I used to work in theatre, specifically in costuming so I’m used to body parts on display, and envelope-pushing and using fashion and the human figure to make a statement.  I really wish I could see the actual exhibit – it sounds fascinating to me even though I know there will be many examples of artistic liberty within the displays – maybe some irreverence or straight out, intentional intent to offend and shock.  That’s part of making art…. it doesn’t always make you happy or comfortable.  I know many people will cry “Beauty, Truth, and Goodness!” and I agree, but beauty is what turns the mind to God, not only what is aesthetically pleasing and Truth and Goodness can sometimes be hard pills to swallow and sometimes even the very real, very human members of the Catholic Church need to get called out on hypocrisy and other un-truths and un-goodness.

However, I don’t want to get into that right now – I actually want to talk about the clothes at the Gala (the gala is a party held to open the Exhibit each year.  The gala is not just a random costume party).

There were definitely some shockers in the dress, but for the most part, I feel like the celebrities in attendance played it safe.  In fact, so of the more shocking fashion choices were rather uninspired.  Rihanna’s dress complete with sparkly mitre was shocking at first, but after the shock wore off all it is was the choice to go as a “Sexy Pope” – a choice (along with “Sexy Priest” and “Sexy Nun”) that has been done to death by any number of 19 year old college coeds.  Same goes for the girl who went as what I call “Sexy Fulton Sheen”, shocking initially, but rather uninspired and trite when you get down to it.

All in all, I saw a lot of missed opportunity for amazing fashion and inspiration.  After all the attendees had all of classical art, and a good amount of ancient art to draw from…. and sexy Pope is all they got?

Why not a sweeping mustard yellow dress and a head of Holofernes clutch?


What about Rainbow Angel from Van Eyck’s “The Last Judgement”?


Or Brother Mickey McGraths “Visitation”?

Or one of his amazing Black Madonnas?



Honestly, a five minute Pinterest search could have given you worlds of inspiration fashion designers and Gala celebs!  I’m not mad, just disappointed.

But one thing I’m not disappointed about?  The #metsona hashtag…. it just proves how inspiring Catholic art can be.

Like this.  And this (St. Michael approves of the leggings BTW).  And this.  And this.  And so many more amazing ideas!

What Catholic inspiration do you wish they’d have used at the Gala?  Have you been to the exhibit?


One thought on “I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed

  1. Oh my gosh- yes! The rainbow angel! Van Eyck did the same in his Visitation- how did no one use that as inspiration?? I agree about the shocking ones being uninspired. Basically teen Halloween at the Met. And the Black Madonnas are gorgeous!


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