The Run-Down

Life, as usual, is busy.  I thought I’d throw out a quick rundown of projects and other bits and pieces of importance going on in my life.  (Affiliate Links and Referral Programs to follow)


Always books, but these are some really special ones.  Lots of lovely women I know have been writing amazing books, some are here and some are on their way.

Mary Haseltine’s “Made For This” – Mary was kind enough to ask me to contribute to her Birth Book for Catholic Women.  It really is a special creation and as a mom with non- “natural” births I feel supported by her writings even though she is very encouraging toward “natural” birth choices.

Kendra Tierney’s “Compendium” – Kendra and I have only agreed on one movie in the years we’ve known each other, we live completely different lives, but I was honored when she asked me to help out reading over and giving my (never-ending) opinions on her “Catholic All Year” book.  This is going to be a big one, perfect for anyone who wants ALL THE CATHOLIC THINGS at your fingertips.  I don’t think the official release date is out yet, but keep an on it!

Haley Stewart’s “The Grace of Enough” is ready for pre-order and I’m really excited for this one – I’ve read bits and pieces and am really looking forward to reading the rest.  I really think it’s important that we challenge the notions of what is enough and what is important in our lives and I think Haley’s book is going to do just that.

(Sidenote:  I recently learned that if you purchase a book on Amazon at a sale price/preorder discount/etc. that does NOT shortchange the author in their reimbursement.  I’ve always been leery about calling out sales on friends books in the past because I was worried they wouldn’t be paid as much, but apparently, that is not correct – so get your books on sale with no fear!)

I recently got the opportunity to write for FemCatholic about my diverse Catholic Bookshelf idea.  You can read the whole post here along with the accompanying booklist on Goodreads.  I really hope this makes us more conspicuous consumers of a variety of Catholic authors – both with what available and what could be picked up to be published in the future.


I recently shared that as part of my husbands and I’s wedding gift this year (10 years tomorrow!) we got a new bed.  We ordered in on Amazon and so far so good (though I can only speak to the mattress – we still haven’t set up the bed frame or box spring yet).  It’s nice and comfy, but firm and so far is holding up great.


Last weekend I shared about finally trying out the subscription box fad with Stitch Fix and Thredup.  I liked the quality of the items from Stitch Fix but only ended up keeping one item this time.  It’s a little pricier, but I’m going to get another box in a few months and keep this as my “nice clothes/special occasion” treat.  Thredup was little more my taste and budget (and I love that its consignment and I’m recycling) – I kept a lot from my box and would have kept more except I underestimated my current pants size.  I’ve actually got a second goody box on its way.  I highly recommend either, depending on your budget, for any momma struggling to find time to shop for herself.  The convenience of trying on clothes at home and have free returns with no hassle is game-changing.  If you go through my referral links I’ll get credit towards future purchases, but I don’t have an affiliate set up with either company – just sharing something I tried on my own.

Blessed is She:

Lots of fun stuff is coming up with Blessed is She.

I’m looking forward to getting the next Planner in a few months – I’m trying the Mini this year, which is new based on feedback from all our great patrons.

Blessed is She is headed to Ireland this year to give our first Retreat outside of the U.S.  To help defray the costs of such an adventure we’re selling these beautiful necklaces, 100 % of the proceeds go towards helping us get our message to women who need it!  They’d make a lovely gift for someone heading out on their own adventures – maybe graduating or starting a new job.

That should be it for now – the next few weeks are going to be crazy.  The end of school is coming up, and with it end of the year Boy Scout potlucks, the start of summer camps, vacations and just to make things interesting and a job interview next week!  See you all around… sometime.

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