5 Things for 5 Years

It dawned on me today that with this Easter Vigil it will mark 5 years since I converted.  It's been a wild ride, never thought in that time I'd go through so much including our three years of miscarriage and writing for a Catholic women's ministry as well as contributing to Catholic books.   So... Continue Reading →

A Quick Trip

This last week we took our first Spring Break road trip. My husband's brother and sister in law live in Austin and we've been eager to get down to visit for a few years. Since flying is a little non-cost-effective right now we decided to make it a road trip and we drove! And when... Continue Reading →

Inadvertently Irish Day

Trying to keep to my goals of finding time to relax and do things with the kids during this busy weekend I managed to inadvertently make today "Irish Day" at our house. I wanted to make sure we got a chapter in on our Religious Ed book (we're a few chapters into "Faith & Life"... Continue Reading →

Busy Bees

We've been lucky in the last five or six years not to have too many times where life was really busy. We were able to keep commitments and work at reasonable levels and just coast along. We're not in that season anymore and while we try hard not to overcommit or over schedule life is... Continue Reading →

Birthday Thrifting

As of today I'm 35 and honestly that came out of nowhere. I don't have many formed thoughts on this point of my life yet, but I did do my annual birthday thrift store run with my mom. It's becoming my regular birthday present, getting little things to freshen up our little home. I found... Continue Reading →

10 Things

I really wanted to title this post "10 Thing You (Might) Hate About Me", but it's really not that dark - thought when you get to the end who knows what you'll think.  Though now I *need * to watch the movie that defined my teenage years with a passion.  I thought I'd share a... Continue Reading →

Old School

Sitting down for a little old school blog posting - I've been realizing how much I've been missing old school blogging, just blogs written by people who didn't care about stats or reach and who just sat down and shared their days and thoughts. It's surprisingly hard to do anymore, but I wanted to try... Continue Reading →

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