Just be next to me….

He isn't requesting read aloud as much anymore, but he does ask me just to sit with him as he pours over whatever book he's devouring today.  I never thought I'd have an independent reader at just over six years old.  It means the end of one stage of our time together and I'm trying... Continue Reading →

Working Mom Hacks

Okay, so to start I feel a major case of imposter syndrome even writing that title.  Let's just be clear up front.  I, like most everyone, have no idea what I'm doing and at best have just gotten really good at making it up as I go along.  That being said, let's also be clear... Continue Reading →

What Else. 

It's been unseasonably cool this year and I'm eating it up.  I love the season that encourages you to sit in your favorite spot, surrounded by your massive to do list literally piled next to you.... and do some knitting instead.  And that's is totally fine, because what else would you do on a cool... Continue Reading →

Merry Manifest – September 2017

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. Hello there!  How's the first few weeks of school treating everyone?  It's strange to feel busy again - the first five years with only one kid who wasn't school aged left us with a lot of freetime on our hands.  We just didn't do a lot or commit to... Continue Reading →


I apologize for the varying photo quality, but I wanted to share some of the projects I've been working on over the summer.  With the baby girl finally getting big enough I've had a reason to dive into my sewing stash of fabric and vintage 70's patterns to work on a few things.  (note:  I... Continue Reading →

Not a Homeschool School Plan

Miss me?  It's been a busy summer, but I'm back! As most people who either know me or have been following my blogs for awhile know - we are not homeschoolers.  We're proud public schoolers who are lucky enough to have a great public school option full of dedicated teachers, opportunities and good community support.... Continue Reading →


  We took one of our first real vacations this last week - a trip not attached to a conference, a family event or a holiday.  Just the four of us.  Four days away from the world here and up to the much bigger world in Chicago.  I'm happy to say that we survived, even... Continue Reading →


Just checking in to say hello.  It's been a busy summer.  Two kids is busy enough, but throw in activities, and life and jobs and all sorts of things and it gets busier. I've been trying to be more intentional with my free time and it's never enough to share what you want to be... Continue Reading →

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