The Library

Books I’d like to peruse in my ample free time:

  • Ashley English’s Homemade Living Series:  Canning & Preserving, Keeping Bees, Home Dairy, Keeping Chickens
  • Bringing it to the  Table by Wendell Berry
  • Radical Homemakers by Shannon Heyes
  • Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology by Eric Bende
  • The Good Life by Scott Nearing
  • Living Simply with Children by Marie Sherlock
  • And many more  …
  • Always looking for suggestions on books – particularly on Gardening, Canning/Preserving, Cheese Making/Home Dairy

Here’s where I’d like to share books that have been helpful in forming my ideas of a simpler life, books that keep me inspired, and books that are just plain helpful.
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