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Here’s where I’d like to share books that have been helpful in forming my ideas of a simpler life, books that keep me inspired, and books that are just plain helpful.  If you’d like to purchase these please feel free to find them through my “Library” link to the right – though I encourage borrowing, swapping and purchasing used copies!

Simple Living –
Finances –
Farming/Homesteading/Gardening Inspiration and Information
Better Food –
Cooking –
Crafting –
Parenting & Early Childhood Education-

    2 thoughts on “The Library

    1. I LOVE simplicity parenting, it really helped me see a different way of raising children. It was everything I was trying to do – but after reading it I had reasons! loved it.


    2. If I could afford to hand out free copies on the street I would! Actually once I get done with RCIA I really want to see about starting a SP group at my parish. =D


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