The Simple Life

Voluntary Simplicity is a wonderful movement in the fact that it allows each individual to choose how simple they desire their lives to be and how to go about it.  For some that means living in a big city with all the amenities, for some it’s a small cabin away from the hub-bub of the world.  Some choose plans to retire early, while other choose a steady stream of good, hard work for their entire lives.
Here I offer you my ever-changing ideas of what my simple life entails.

  • Paying off debt and making all future purchases with knowledge and planning.
  • Living within our means, making do when necessary and understanding the difference between a want and a need.
  • Finding and working good, meaningful jobs.  Forget the career, forget glamor.
  • Having a more active hand our food, our surroundings, our clothing, our health.
  • Encouraging community and justice – “Living simply so others can simply live.” – Gandhi
  • Raising the next generation to do better than we have done.
  • Being mindful consumers and producers  – I will never escape being a consumer, but I can influence where that money goes and how it is spent.
  • Living with one foot in the good ol’ days and an eye on the future.

Long Term Goals

  • A nice, small home on a little acreage where I can have a garden, chickens and some sheep
  • A home business or a published novel
  • The two boys and one girl I’ve always felt I was meant to have (I’m 1/3 of the way there already!) however and whenever they’re meant to enter our lives and the means to support them
  • To give back to my family all that they’ve given to us, particularly in this last year

Short Term Goals

  • Knit more and more of my families sweaters, mittens/gloves, hats and socks
  • Install an indoor and outdoor clothesline system
  • Canning the basics – jams, pickles, tomatoes/tomato sauces
  • Freezing summer vegetables
  • Planning a bigger, better garden each year
  • Learning the basics of the home creamery – butter, cheeses, etc.
  • Continue to work towards being 100% consumer debt free, and being debt smart when it is necessary

Please share with me if your path is the same or different; offer advice, encouragement or warnings.  Feel free to email me @ if you’d like to share, connect or ask a few questions.  I welcome everything from a friendly hello to an “I need advice from a stranger in a similar situation”.